Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Project Update

Thought I would take a shot of my cross stitch project progress. I meant to do this every week and kind of forgot. So here it is. About a months worth of stitching has gone into this. Usually 2-3 hours a day (not that I am sitting those whole 3 hours stitching usually up and down to fix dinner etc) more on Sundays when I have more time. I do this while I watch TV as I can’t just sit and watch TV without doing something and it is hard to read and pay attention to what is going on. LOL I nearly have the top half complete.

189 Project

I am itching to get out with my camera. Wanted to yesterday but alas had to return a set of curtains for the second time. Today was grocery store. So hoping tomorrow will be the day. This is as long as we do not get a phone call stating our new glasses our ready to be collected. If that happens it will have to wait until Saturday. Boo!!