Sunday, 17 July 2011

New Music

Hello everyone. The holiday week has come to an end so thought I would get a post done today. As I was transferring some newly purchased CDs this morning I decided to use them as my subject for a photo.

186 newmusic

Vintage processing with texture added

My music tastes varies from country to classical and anything in between. Recently (the past few years) my musical purchases has been music I listened to as a teenager. 80s music, I also like 70s and some 60s even some 50s. I like music that reminds me of days gone past that brings back wonderful memories of family and friends. BUT I do like some modern stuff such as Rumer, Adele (I need to get one of her CDs) oh and one of my faves recently is Nickleback: If Today Was Your Last Day this song rocks. I do not get to hear much country music here in the UK since there isn’t any country music radio stations. They do however play a few on Magic 105.4 ( I listen to that station every day). I discovered Lady Antebellum via Magic last year.

I wish I could say my photography enthusiasm has returned unfortunately I cannot. I am finding it so frustrating and it kinda makes me want to cry because I just can’t seem to pick up my camera without it feeling like a chore. SIGH!! I do have some photos that I took over the course of this week to share but not many and nothing super fantastic. BUT will share them as this week progresses and I am hoping to get out one day with my camera for a morning walk. Weather depending etc.

Wishing you all a relaxing fun-tastically filled Sunday!!