Friday, 8 July 2011

Black and White

I rarely process my images in black and white. One of the reasons is I can never seem to get them to look quite right. But, sometimes there is a shot that just does not work in color so I will try them in black and white. Then the frustration begins with getting them right. I think I got these too look like I wanted them too. All shots are from this year. My faves are of the London Eye.
184 B&WReed
A reed reflected in water. It was overcast on this day and this lacked color.
184 B&WDeco
An old door decoration
184 B&WDoor
Another old door
184 B&WEye1
184 B&WEye2
As mentioned these two shots of the London Eye are my faves today.
184 B&WLightShadow
The only color that was in this was the blue float thingy and the shot was all about the shadow it made. Works better in B&W
Postings will be a bit hit and miss for the next week as I enjoy the week with my hubs whilst he is on holiday from work.