Thursday, 30 June 2011

In Memory Of…

Dad Orig copy

My big brother Dave. Today would have been his 54th birthday. He is deeply missed.

Since I have some new followers I will briefly go into the story of his tragic passing. On 7th of March he flew from Ohio to Mississippi for his job. Shortly before 5pm that day he spoke to his wife on the phone he said he was on his way to check in at the hotel. That was the last she or anyone in our family spoke to him. He was missing for 3 days. His body was found behind a hotel in Alabama on the 10th of March. He had been carjacked by 2 prison escapees from Louisiana. That is just very briefly the circumstances behind his death. Since the time of all of this happening I have not mentioned him or this tragedy on my blog. Today though I felt like it was time to remember him on this his birthday that he also shares with his eldest daughter. Our heartache continues each and everyday but more so on these special days.