Monday, 27 June 2011

177/365–Macros on a Monday

Its Monday once again which means macro day. These were shot yesterday.

177 MM1

177 MM2

My focus fell on these first two. The first one I was focusing on the dew drop in the middle but it fell to 2 on the left instead. Second shot I was focusing on the fungi when it fell to the dew drops on the grass. If I hadn’t been in the middle of the walking path I would have taken my time to manual focus. But had to hurry along. I still like these.

177 MM3

A handy dandelion. I adore the bokeh on this one.

177 MM4

Fungi… I am still after a perfect shot of fungi.. maybe someday. LOL

177 MM5

No idea what this flower is but I liked the center.

177 MM6

A hoverfly that stayed still long enough for a shot.


The weather here in London is HOT!! I do not like it at all. You would think a girl from Ohio where you can have this kind of weather for weeks on end in the summer would be used to it. But nope I am not. At least there you can retreat to air conditioning. So whilst I swelter in this heat and sit in front of a fan. PLEASE Lord return my normal British weather that I have come to enjoy!! Thank you!!