Saturday, 25 June 2011


Still archive dipping. Had planned to go to RHS Garden at Wisley but the weather isn’t that grand so put that off until tomorrow. So thought what a better time to share these shots of Abbotsbury buildings, homes and things. Enjoy your Saturday.

175 Abbotsbury

A view of Abbotsbury main road.

175 Abbotsbury2

Further up the road and the view of the other side.

175 Hall

Strangways Hall… community hall. We sat there in front and waited for the bus.

175 House

A lovely home.

175 Interesting 

175 WindowDoor

I like doors and windows so had to shoot these two.

175 Cottage

Thatched Cottage. These looked new builds to me. But they are beautiful. Pity about that red sign in front though.