Saturday, 18 June 2011

168/365–Caught in the Rain

The hubs and I decided on a little stroll around Syon Park Gardens this afternoon. Hoping the rain would hold off long enough for us to do so. But, it did not. We got caught out in a downpour which we got soaked in, it did clear up after that but being soak and wet I opted to come home. Did manage a few pics though. Here are some for today. More coming tomorrow.

168 Ladybird

Found a plant that had quite a few ladybirds on, I took shot after shot but got frustrated because of the wind. I was hoping to try again on the way out of the gardens but since it rained I did not get the chance. This was my best shot of a ladybird.

168 Waterlily


168 Waterlily2

Same water lily as above just different composition.