Saturday, 4 June 2011

154/365–Around Abbotsbury

So many beautiful things to shoot in and around Abbotsbury. Today I share a rural England scene, a barn, Chapel and a Church. I have HDRd these shots to make something out of nothing. LOL The original shots were just too dull for these scenes. So I took my one RAW file and processed 3 ways and then combined them together for an HDRish type image. I am pleased with how these turned out. Not award winning images by any means but they do remind me of our wonderful day out in Abbotsbury. I still have several Abbotsbury images of cottages and such. Not sure when I will share those. I am heading out later this evening for a walk and will be taking my camera hoping to catch some evening light.

154 RuralEngland

Rural England

154 Barn

A barn… now I can just envision this converted into a home. LOL

154 StCatherinesChapel

St. Catherine's Chapel dated in style to the late 14th Century. To read more see here. Next visit I am walking up to this chapel.

154 CottageChapel

A Cottage with a view of St. Catherine’s Chapel

154 GraveyardChapel

Church graveyard with a view of St. Catherine’s Chapel.

154 StNicholasChurchPathtoDoor

Side entry to St. Nicholas Church. St. Nicholas church is an ancient Benedictine Church. It is opened daily for prayer and reflection. We did not go inside and I honestly cannot say why we didn’t. Just didn’t think of it at the time.

154 StNicholasChurch

St. Nicholas church from the front. Now I could just kick myself for not taking two landscape shots of this to be able to include the tower by stitching them together. I do not know why at the time I did not think of this. Oh well maybe next time. The church was built in the 14th century.

154 StNicholasChurchTower

St. Nicholas church tower. The tower was built in the 15th century. Then the church was remodelled twice in the next hundred years or so. More about the church can be found here.