Friday, 3 June 2011

153/365–Abbotsbury Swannery

On day 3 of our holiday we took the bus to Abbotsbury where we visited the Swannery. The Abbotsbury Swannery is the only place in the world where you are able to walk through the heart of a colony of nesting Mute Swans.  There were loads of babies (cygnets) as well as mamas still sitting on their nests. Lets face it cygnets are so darn cute.

153 Swannery1

This little one was enjoying sitting atop the nest in the sun.

153 Swanner2

Whilst his or hers sibling was enjoying a morning in the food/water dish. Each time he or she stuck his or her head in the dish he or she would tilt its head up to swallow. It was cute to watch.

153 Swannery3

This one was part of another family and looks to be a bit older than the two above.

153 Swannery4

When I came up on this one having a nap I just had to get some shots. This is my fave shot of the day. I had to clean up the water though with cloning etc to remove the grass that was floating about.

153 Swannery5

Nap time for mama… Sitting on the eggs waiting on them to hatch is tiring work.

153 Swannery7

Same mama as above.. here she is turning her eggs. She had one hatch already find him or her below.

153 Swannery6

So this is mamas first born. Now for a little story on this guy or gal… This shot was taken after he or she tumbled from the nest. Yep head over feet and down he or she went. This is where it landed and he or she decided to stay here for a bit.

153 Swannery8

Same baby as above but here he or she is trying to figure out how to get back up into the nest. At this point I switch my D90 to video mode and took a video of him or her trying to get back up there. And eventually he or she made it and the crowd of French tourists cheered, well I believe they were French. If you would like to see the video I will do a blog post with it just let me know in the comments.