Thursday, 2 June 2011

152/365–An Evening Walk

To finish off day 2 of our holiday. Which was one week ago today. I chose these evening shots. This was the one and only evening that we had some good light. All others it was cloudy. Which was a shame really as I so much wanted to get some sunset light shots. I also wanted to get up for sunrise shots too but on the one and only morning that the sun was shining first thing I chose to sleep instead. Oh well.

152 EveningWalk

Weymouth marina.

152 EveningWalk2

Expensive boats in the marina

152 EveningWalk5

Boats in portrait in the harbour.

152 EveningWalk3

A shot of the harbour area from the bridge.

152 EveningWalk4

I love how the setting sunlight was hitting this church front.

152 Night

This is a totally crappy picture I do admit that fully. However this is one of the things I so wanted to try. Long exposure shots at night. This was handheld and shot from the hotel window so therefore it is not as sharp as I would like. We took the tripod with us but never ever got it out of the car. Laziness on my part with that. I was just too tired by time it got dark enough. Maybe next time.