Wednesday, 1 June 2011

151/365–Day 2 continued…

Once again I have chosen more shots from our day 2 walk. We had a good walk on that day even though it was very windy. I still have more shots to come from this day. The one and only evening I got out with the camera and the sun was shining so got some nice evening lit shots to share. They are for tomorrow. I was going to include them in todays post but wanted to share these and didn’t want to have TOO many photos in one post.

151 Pano

5 images stitched for this nice pano of Weymouth and in the distance on the left you can see Portland.

151 Building

I think these are used as beach hut kinda thing not sure though.

151 Beach Huts

Beach Huts… I tried several composition of these. This was the one I liked most.

151 Danger

Dangerous rocks.

151 BeachBoat

A boat painted in Scarlet and Grey… so that makes it an Ohio State Buckeye boat in my opinion. Go Bucks!!

(You can take the girl out of Ohio but not Ohio out of the girl LOL)

It seems the comment thing is working again. I did have to change it to new page comment instead of the embedded one. Got that idea from the blogger help group. I do hope it is still working correctly today. Thanks for all your wonderful comments.