Tuesday, 31 May 2011

150/365–Moody Skies

On day 2 of our holiday in Weymouth the weather was rather moody. High winds and 5 min intervals of rain sprinkles then some sunshine too. We chose to go for walks and walk we did. These shots are from the first part of our walk that we took away from Weymouth town centre to the other end of the beach.

150 MoodySky

Kinda HDRd this.  1 RAW file 3 processing's then merged in Photomatix

150 MoodySkyBW

Same as above except in black and white. I couldn’t decide which I liked best so sharing both.

150 MoodySky1

I like the gulls standing facing the wind on the right. The two on the left had their backs to the wind. Don’t blame them for that it was a very strong wind indeed.

150 MoodySky2

Shot this from the top of a building. It is a kind of viewing area I think as there were benches you could sit on.

150 MoodySky3

Yep same morning believe it or not. Taken approximately 6 minutes after the above shot.

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