Thursday, 19 May 2011


Still sorting through my folders of 2011 shots so far. I came across these and I could not bring myself to delete them. There is something about each one that I like. So instead of them lingering on the drive I may as well share them. I STILL have more folders to sort through goodness knows what else I will find that has to be shared.

138 Gulls

The town crier making his morning announcement. LOL. I just love this photo. Now if the bird on the far left had been facing the other way this would be absolutely perfect in my opinion. Still love it all the same though.

138 2gulls

These two are not talking to each other. LOL

138 Lonely Gull

Oh this one is one of my absolute favorites that I keep coming back to. The bird seems so lonely.

138 GullsBW

A tough decision this one. I kept thinking delete then back to its a keeper. The pattern the water makes is wonderful then you add the two birds in and it is sort of like one of those find the object pictures. Black and white processing as there really wasn’t much color in it to begin with.