Wednesday, 18 May 2011

137/365–London Street Lamps, A View and the Eye

Sorting through some of my shots from earlier this year and came across these from our walk around London back in February. I rather like these and thought I would use them for todays 365. We keep making plans to get back into Central London but every time we do we find out there is a protest or rally of some sort and I really do not want to get caught up in that crap mess. Hopefully another trip in soon (30-40mins via train) because I just love a walk around London. Vintage processing used on these.

137 Lights1

Street lamps (lights) fascinate me especially fancy ones. This one I believe is located near Trafalgar Square.

137 Light

This one on Buckingham Palace (The Queens Gaff, ha ha ha) fence.

137 Lights2

This one is located on Westminster Bridge

137 LondonPanoSpringVintage

The view of the Thames from Westminster Bridge. 5 portrait shots stitched together. Couldn’t fit the whole scene in with my 28mm lens.

137 LondonEye

No trip into London is complete without getting a shot of The London Eye. I can’t tell you  how many shots I have taken of this but it is numerous to say the least. I like the 1 red capsule at the top.

Happy Wednesday!!

My Flickr photo for today is this pretty blossom shot from back in March.


Added another new texture that I have made to this. It will be available soon.