Tuesday, 17 May 2011

136/365–Texture Tuesday, New Textures

Took these gerbera shots a couple of weeks ago when the sun was starting to set and the light on them was wonderful. I thought they would be a good test shot for showing off these new textures. Since I do like to give examples of the textures. There are 5 textures in total in 2 different sets. These are also available on my Flickr photostream in the textures set, they are the first 5 in the set. Please click the image of the texture set to download the zip files of each set.

Note: If you are unable to download the zip files please let me know.

136 Texture Set 1

Used at 50% opacity multiply blend mode.

1. Old Stone 2. Stone



136 Texture Set 2

Used at 100% opacity softlight blend mode.

1. Grungy Scratch 2. Grungy Scratch Warm

3. Grungy Scratch Natural




Including this shot because I liked it and didn’t want to leave it on the hard drive. No added texture.

I am not likely to get out with my camera until Saturday. I am hoping to find something to shoot at home (hopefully not my gerberas AGAIN) tomorrow. I shall see though. If not I will be pulling from the archives for this week. I am having to take a break from my walking due to a painful heel and I really must rest it for a few days.

My textures are free for you to use all I ask is that you give me credit when it is used. Do Not pass off as your own work, put into a collection or offer it for download on your blog, website or any other place on the internet.

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