Friday, 13 May 2011


Decided to go ahead and write this post for publishing even though blogger is still down. So not sure if this will publish on THE day or not. Oh well. OK finally it seems to be back up and running though I have lost yesterdays post. Hope it gets restored.

Since I did strawberries last week thought I would do blueberries this week. I just love these for a snack and have some everyday. Shot in living room window with natural light only. Used both my 105mm lens and my 50mm lens. Also created a new texture today which I have used on these. Hoping to get new textures upload in the next week. Also starting my countdown to the 25th, the hubs and I will be off on a 4 day holiday to the seaside. I am so looking forward to it and all the new things to shoot. Haven’t been for a few years so it is going to be good.

132 Blueberries2


132 Blueberries5


132 Blueberries3


132 Blueberries4


132 Blueberries