Tuesday, 10 May 2011

129/365–Pretty Pink AND Texture Tuesday

Decided to cover all grounds today since it is Tuesday and pretty pink day on Flickr as well as texture Tuesday. Shot these this AM in my kitchen window with the lovely morning light coming in. I had these visualized but they did not come out how I wanted. So live to try again another day.

128 PrettyPinkBouquet1

I actually visualized this with the flowers on books. BUT I couldn’t find any Oldish books that were handy. Sooo…

128 PrettyPinkBouquet2

This one I was standing on a step ladder and looking down. I need to A) a higher ladder or B) a bigger window sill.

129 PrettyPinkBack

This one was an after thought shot. I like it. One of my faves for today.

129 PrettyPinkText

Another fave of the day.. And added 2 textures here for texture Tuesday.


Vintage Processing Tweaks

All of these had vintage processing done. All the same except for the one of the back of the flower. As mention before I used this tutorial from the coffee shop blog. I then tweaked it to my taste. Here are my tweaks in steps.

  1. Changed opacity of the layer to 20%
  2. Changed opacity of the layer to 50%
  3. Changed opacity of the layer to 50%
  4. Same
  5. Changed the color to color #003961 at 20% opacity

I do changed these for each image depending on what look I am after. Step 5 is the one I changed most by lowering or upping the layer opacity.