Monday, 9 May 2011

128/365–Macro Monday

I decided to do the macro post today since it is Monday and I do like to take part in macro Monday. Now I am no expert at macro photography. Nor do I know a lot about the subject. But, I shall share with you what I have learned since getting my macro lens.

First off I thought I would share with you my first macro shots I took with my macro lens. My fave is my husbands eye, but it would have been better with a smaller aperture setting so his eyelashes would have been in focus. The other 2 blah!!

Chain    Eye


Now for a set of macro shots I took today of a water drop on my new gerbera that I purchased yesterday. I got 2 new ones actually in different colors. Hoping they do as well as the other one I have. On to todays set up. Camera was on tripod, a must really when shooting macros. However, I do not always use one especially when I am out and about. But for todays examples I did use a tripod. ISO 400 due to being indoors. Light source was natural via living room window. Aperture and shutter speed is noted on each image. These were shot at 1:1 magnification. To get this I set my lens on 1:1 then moved my subject until it was in focus. Click the images for a larger view.

128 DropMacroSample

As you can see the depth of field is very shallow when shooting macros especially with larger aperture opening (f4.8 etc) You have to be very careful with your focusing. When out and about shooting flowers I do tend to keep my aperture between f5.6 and f8. Though usually it is at 5.6 or 6.3 depending on lighting conditions. To go the smaller apertures (f11 etc) you will need a tripod as the shutter speed will be to slow for hand holding. When it comes to shutter speed when out and about I try to keep it above 250. My lens is also a VR (vibration reduction) and that is on when hand holding. Off for tripod use.

That is all I have on the subject other than to practice, practice, practice. Oh and take a lot of shots. I don’t take one shot and move on I can take a load of shots of one subject and then when I look at them on the pc I decide which one I like best. A lot of times my focus will slip to another part of the subject that I do not want in focus. That is the down fall of auto focusing but when hand holding I do keep it on auto focus in case I move slightly. There are loads of macro articles online tips and how tos that are no doubt way better than what I am writing. If you have a particular question please ask and I will answer in another post.

Here are a few more shots from this mornings shoot. Only the first one is macro.

128 GerbPetals

Just the petals in high key

128 GerbHiKey

Gerbera high key

128 GerbVint

Vintage processed.