Sunday, 8 May 2011

127/365–Random Sunday

Just a few shots from yesterday. Random subjects for a Sunday post. I have had several of you interested in my vintage processing. When I say “MY” I did not totally create the process. I followed this tutorial over at the coffee shop blog then made it mine by tweaking it a little. If you are interested in my so called tweaks stay tuned for tomorrows post. Also someone left comment on tips for shooting with macro lens. I have been asked that before and it could be the same person as I do not remember. Sorry I did not get back with you sooner on this. Tuesday or Wednesdays post I will go in more detail of using my macro lens. My brain just isn’t functioning to well today as my body is still in recovery mode after my 4 hour walk yesterday. Now onto the images.

127 Starlight

Porch light I saw on someone's home. I like the shape. Black and white processing with added black border.

127 StarGarterDonate

On Richmond Hill there is a Royal Star and Garter Home for disabled ex-servicemen and women. This one will be closing soon and moving to a new location. The building is wonderful and I should really get a shot of it sometime. You can find these donation boxes located in several places around the home stuck in walls here and there for donations to the organization. I thought it was neat so took a shot.

127 DandyTex

Never can pass up a dandelion seed head. Vintage process with added texture.

127 MommasDay

And lastly to wish all Mothers, Moms, Mums, Mommy's, Mummy's and Mommas a very