Saturday, 7 May 2011

126/365–Quack Quack

Took a 4 hour walk today. I am so tired now. So if none of this makes sense just put it down to me being too tired. All of these were shot in Isabella Plantation Richmond Park. 105mm macro lens used.

126 Mandarin1

I know I just shared a shot of a Mandarin duck recently but they are so beautiful and there were plenty around today that I couldn’t resist shooting them again.

126 Mandarin2

A close up portrait.

126 Mandarin 3

This one, which was in a different smaller pond, just brought his head out of the water.

126 Male Shoveler

A shoveler duck. This one was hard to capture as he seemed to keep his head in the water. This is the one and only shot I got of him with his head out of the water.

126 noid

Tried to find an ID on this one but had no luck.

126 noid2

I believe this to be a tufted duck but could be wrong.

Now time for some rest and relaxation.