Friday, 6 May 2011

125/365–Freshly Opened

Two new buds on my gerbera plant opened yesterday afternoon. Couldn’t resist getting a few shots of them in the diffused evening light in the living room window. The color on them this time are wonderful. If I start to bore you with these gerberas let me know as I am sure to be using them over the next week or so as a subject. There are still 2 other buds shooting up as well. I am so pleased with how well this plant has done. Purchased this plant the 16th of April.

125 GerbStraightland

Basic processing on this one.

125 GerbStraight 125 GerbVint

The one on the left has had basic processing. One on the right has had basic processing then my new vintage processing.

125 GerbVintMac

Vintage processing on this macro shot.

Have a great Friday and weekend too.