Sunday, 1 May 2011

120/365–Flowers for Sunday oh and a weed too..

After our visit to the Tropical Zoo at Syon Park we went into the Syon Gardens. I get in free due to my RHS membership. The hubs had to pay. LOL There wasn’t much in bloom since it is in between seasons at the moment and our spring sprung rather early.

120 Flower2

Taken in the conservatory. Added texture.

120 Flower

Same flower as above and texture too. Wished I shot this in portrait composition.

120 Daisy

A daisy. I had my husband shade this with his hand as it was in open sunlight which was rather harsh. No texture.

120 Daisy2

Same as above wanted to test another new texture on this.

These next two I shot the other day at Richmond Park. I just love dandelion seed heads and loved both these shots.

120 Dandelion 1

No Texture.

120 Dandelion 2

Closer view with added texture.