Saturday, 30 April 2011

119/365–Saturday Outing

The hubs and I took a little trip to Syon Park this afternoon. Since it isn’t very far from us. We decided to have another wander around the Tropical Zoo. We hadn’t been in there for a few years. It isn’t THAT big and they don’t have a lot of animals. Some birds, Snakes, Crocodile, Fish, Insects etc. It isn’t all the expensive to get in £7.50 for adults.

Here is a little snippet from their about us on the website linked above:

What visitors may not know is that many of our animals were rescued from the illegal pet trade, private collectors or zoos, where their specific needs could not be met. We provide a safe haven for rescued and endangered animals and work hard to maintain an ideal environment for each species.”

119 Bird

Shot through the cage wires. I had the lens right up against the cage to get the focus on the bird and hoping none of the cage would be visible.

119 Bird 2

Eating a piece of an apple.

119 Reptile

Didn’t read the label on his aquarium so no idea what this is but thought the shot came out well for shooting through glass.

119 Marmoset 2

A marmoset that I shot over and…

119 Marmoset


119 Marmoset 3

…over… and…

119 Marmoset 4

…over again. Here he or she took like a 5 second nap because I turned away as I thought he or she was going to sleep. Only to turn back around and he or she was up again.

In the first shot of the marmoset is the chain in the background distracting to anyone?

More flower shots coming tomorrow. Until then hope your weekend is or has been a good one.