Friday, 29 April 2011

118/365–This and That

A few more shots from my walk yesterday.

118 Deer 1

When I got to Richmond Park I saw a group of deer across the road so ventured over and got a couple of shots.

118 Deer 2

Enjoying breakfast.

118 The View

The view of the River Thames as seen from Richmond Hill.

118 Bee 1

Trying to capture a bee in flight is a difficult task…

118 Bee 2

… this one is my fave.

118 Bee 3

.. like this one too.

118 Bee 4

This one was hanging on… I almost wondered if it was kind of stuck but it eventually flew off to the next flower. Look at the pouch of pollen on the back leg. Both sides were like that.


Several people have asked me if I was going to be anywhere near the wedding today. My answer is NO!! I watched it on TV. I do not do crowds very well and very crowded London is not my idea of a good time. Bad enough just normal day with the crowds but add a celebration to it… YIKES. Several years ago we went into central London for St. Patricks day and I said never again. But, in honour of todays celebrations I share with you this shot of Westminster Abbey that I took last year. It is two shots stacked as I could not get the whole building in one shot. I have shared this on my blog before. Re-sharing for all new followers.


I do not know why the top appears to be a different color it is just the way it came out with the two photos.