Monday, 25 April 2011


Spent a couple of hours at the RHS Garden in Wisley Surrey this morning. Lots of photos but not in the mood to go through them all at the moment so picked these shots for today. I just love Osteospermum or African Daisy. I shot these flowers every which way I could think of and these are my favorites. My only wish is or was that the light had not been so harsh via the full sun. Boo for no clouds. I much prefer shooting flowers on overcast days or shade because the lighting is so much better. These were out in the full sun. There is one that was lit very nicely because I created some shade with my body. I hope you can see what I mean by harsh light compared to shaded light.

114 Osteospermum 7

This is the one where I created my own shade. Evenly lit with no hotspots. That is what I like.

114 Osteospermum 6

In the full sun. It is OK but I think it would have been better in shade. Oh and if I had noticed the spider there when shooting this I would have got him in focus.

114 Osteospermum 4

Once again full sun. Some hotspots in the middle of the flower. Added texture as the background was rather bland.

114 Osteospermum 5

Full sunlight here too.

114 Osteospermum 1

Full sunlight.

114 Osteospermum 2

Full sunlight with lots of hotspots in the middle.

114 Osteospermum 3

This was my favorite of the macro shots. The flower itself wasn’t as pink as the others.