Thursday, 28 April 2011

117/365–Bleeding Hearts

This morning I took the bus to Richmond. I then walked up Richmond Hill, Mick Jagger used to  live in this neighbourhood or he may still live there for all I know. LOL Anyway, up the hill to Richmond Park to Pembroke Lodge. There is a garden at the Lodge so had wonder around there. Found these bleeding hearts along with a lot of other things too. But, for today I share these.

117 Bleeding Hearts 2

These were under trees so it was rather dark. They were also behind a fence which made it hard composition wise.

117 Bleeding Hearts 1

Same area as above.

117 Bleeding Hearts 3

Never knew bleeding hearts came in different colors. I came upon these white ones and thought they were rather neat. Again the area they were in was heavily shaded and behind a waist high fence.

117 Bleeding Hearts 4

Same area as above. A little tweak with levels in Photoshop and the darkened background turned to black.

Until tomorrow….