Friday, 22 April 2011

111/365-Happy Good Friday

These images were taken on Tuesday evening when there was such beautiful light coming in the front room window from the setting sun. I could not resist grabbing my camera and shooting the pink gerbera again. Hope you all do not get bored with this subject as I got a few more buds coming up now. Which will no doubt be the subject again of future images.

111 PG1

The two flowers together with added texture.

111 PG2

With texture.

111 PG3

Macro shot no texture

111 PG4

For this shot the sun was nearly ready to set so the light got softer you can make out the golden glow on the top petals. Texture added.

Happy Good Friday and have a super Easter!! I will be back tomorrow.



I had a Flickr email yesterday from Getty Images. They have asked for 5 of my Flickr images to be submitted for inclusion in the Getty Flickr collection. I have uploaded 2 of the 5 so far and I am just so honored that they have asked for some of my images. Quite pleased really.