Wednesday, 20 April 2011

109/365 – Cuteness alert

Had a walk at Bushy Park this morning. Where I came upon some Egyptian goslings. Couldn’t pass up the cuteness of them. Here is a little snippit from the RSPB website about the Egyptian goose.

Related to the shelduck, this pale brown and grey goose has distinctive dark brown eye-patches and contrasting white wing patches in flight.

It was introduced as an ornamental wildfowl species and has escaped into the wild, now successfully breeding in a feral state.

109 ProudParent

Proud mama or papa standing guard. Both parents were around the goslings. They sounded the alert when I got too close to the babies.

109 EgyptianGoslings2

Enjoying a beautiful spring morning.

109 EgyptianGoslings

There were 4 total in this part of the park.

109 EgyptianGosling2

After a bit they got in the water.

109 EgyptianGosling

This is from another family in another part of the park. Only decent shot I got of these ones. As the parents kept them on the move.

109 EgyptianGoose

When I first saw this one I thought he was injured or sick. Only to get closer and realise that he or she is a juvenile getting close to the adult stage. His/her parents were near by as well. There was only one in this family so do not know if only one egg hatched or if something happened to the others. It takes 70 days for them to be able to fly. I don’t think this one is there just yet as its wings did not look developed enough.