Tuesday, 19 April 2011

108/365–More flowers…

… because they are so pretty. Lots of things blooming now. Shot these yesterday. Absolutely gorgeous weather we are having here in London. We could use a good bit of rain though. Things seem to be rather dry.


I find yellow a hard color to shoot and get right. Same with reds. hmmm…

108 6

I took many shots of this. This was the only one I liked though.

108 5

This was a dull boring background. I added texture and still find it a dull boring background.

108 4

Spotted this after I put the camera away so had to get it out again and take a shot of this pretty bloom.

108 3

I have a problem with this image and it is the bud sticking up on the bottom right. Other than that I love this.

108 2

The tulips are nearly all finished now it seems. Missed them for some reason.

108 1

OH my bleeding heart… I REALLY like this shot.