Monday, 18 April 2011

107/365–A mixture today

I shot a little of this and a little of that today and ALOT of shots too. I have only been through about half what I shot on my outing this morning. The others will be shared tomorrow.

First off some wisteria. I found this hard to shoot. I tried all sorts of compositions.

107 Wisteria2

Misty lavender texture added.

107 Wisteria

Not to pleased with the color of the brick behind this but not a lot I can do to change it.

107 Wisteria3

Misty lavender texture added.

107 Butterfly

I got so excited to spot a butterfly and then it actually landed near by that I fired off several quick shots. I decided I wanted a shot from the side but as I moved it flew away. I tried finding it again but no joy. This was only decent shot I got and it isn’t the greatest in my opinion.

107 Squirrel 3

I know I just shared a squirrel shot the other day but can’t resist sharing these. This one had an injured right leg. He/She was limping and came rather close to me as I was sitting on the ground shooting the flower you see beside it. I am sure he/she thought I might have some food. But I never think to get any nuts to take with me.

107 Squirrel 2

I like this one because of the reflection in his/her eye. You can see the blue sky, a tree and the sun.

107 Squirrel 1

I thought this one was neat because HE is eating. Only after I looking at it on the PC I could really tell it is a HE. LOL

107 Pigeon

A pigeon that was getting on my nerves. I kept shooing it away but it came back again and again so thought why not take a picture.

107 Dog

Decided to walk through the church yard on way back to the bus stop when I spotted this beautiful doggie in the front garden of Dial House. Stuck my lens through the gate and got a shot.