Sunday, 17 April 2011

106/365-The Day After…

… a 3 hour walk I feel more tired than I did the day that the walk took place. Always!! So today will be spent resting and relaxing. Recovering really. Apart from laundry, cooking and clean-up, I will be resting. With a Sunday afternoon nap on the agenda. For todays 365 I share some more shots from yesterday.

106 White Blossom

I keep shooting these blossoms and try to get a shot I am happy with. This is still not what I am after with this blossom. SIGH!!

106 Yellow Bud

I noticed this flower bud the other day. I am not sure what it is. It is quite big and wish I could get closer for a shot. Yesterday there were more buds and some starting to open. Hopefully when I return this week they will be even more open and I can find a way to get closer.

106 Yellow Flower.

I had to lean in through part of the plan/bush/tree to get this close.

106 PrettyPink

Shot from a distance. I walked to the other side of the fence to see if I could get closer but no luck. Will try again this week. As I just love this and want a closer shot.

106 Forget Me Nots

I just can’t walk past Forget Me Not's without getting a shot

106 spiky

Love the color on this.

106 In the Center

Macro shot of the center of the above flower.

Hope your Sunday is a peaceful one. Ya all know where I will be enjoying mine. On the sofa, feet up, relaxing. Until tomorrow.