Saturday, 16 April 2011

105/365-A walk from Kew Bridge to Richmond

The hubs and I did a 3 hour walk this afternoon. We took the train to Kew Bridge where we walked 3 miles to Richmond. When we reached Richmond we stopped and had some ice cream before heading further up the Thames and then walked up Richmond Hill. From Richmond Hill we walked through the terrace gardens and then headed back into Richmond to catch the bus home. Needless to say I am truly tired now. Took the camera along of course so here is what we saw on our walk. Nothing super great in my shots today. Afternoon light is not the best light to shoot in.. but this is what I got.

105 Kew Bridge

Kew Bridge

105 Green Trees

Just loved the green on these trees.

105 cloud

L shaped cloud that I thought was neat.

105 Rower

A rower.

105 Cruising

Cruising on the Thames.

105 Waiting

Mallard duck watching me. There was a female mallard beside him but she did not like me getting so close.

105 Heron

A heron. Not on the Thames itself but a bit of wetlands that was beside the Thames path we were walking on.

105 Pink House

A rather neat looking pink house.

105 Squirrel

This squirrel was in the Terrace gardens which there are loads of squirrels around that area. He/she thought I was going to feed him/her. I thought this shot kind of funny as the nose is in focus not the eyes.