Friday, 15 April 2011

104/365–More from yesterday…

Hope I don’t bore you all with flower shots all the time. BUT they are my fave subject and it is that time of year for them. Here are some more of what I found in bloom yesterday.  Hope you all have a fab Friday and a great weekend.

104 Pinwheel

Not sure what this is. I have shot it before. It reminds me of a pinwheel. No texture

104 center

Again no ID. I thought the center was awesome so had to get a shot. No texture.

104 Wildflower2

I think some kind of wildflower. No texture.

104 Wildflower

Same as above just different composition. Texture added.

104 Treeflower

This was on a tree. No idea what it is though. I stink at flower names. I added texture as the background was boring white and it did not suit this at all.

104 ForgetMeNots

Forget Me Not - This did not come out the way I wanted but still like it all the same. Texture added.

104 ForgetMeNot1

Closer shot of Forget Me Not. Texture added.

104 ForgetMeNot2

Forget Me Not even close. Texture added.

104 Bluebells

I believe these are Bluebells.