Thursday, 14 April 2011

103/365 Another Day, Another Walk

Went to Richmond again today and walked through the Terrace Gardens. There was so many pretty things blooming. The weather was cloudy and a tad on the dark side so had to put my ISO up to 800. I took a lot of shots so will be sharing more from today tomorrow. I couldn’t really decide on these today as it was. LOL

103 Blossoms

Pretty blossoms still around…

103 Bursting

I know what this is but can’t for the life of me think of what it is called.

103 Red

No idea what this is but I so love the color.

103 Tulip2

Oh my tulips….

103 Tulip4

… and another…

103 Tulip3

… closer view…

103 Tulip1

… different composition…


This was a mistake shot. I was shooting the shot above this one. When my lens lost focus and I pushed the shutter button. I kind of like this blur and all.. What do you think? Added a texture.