Wednesday, 13 April 2011

102/365–Pink Gerbera take number 2

I had a rather lousy night of sleep. So upon getting out of bed this morning I decided no walk for me today. Will have a quiet morning of relaxation. As I had breakfast I thought about what I was going to do after and decided to count the pennies that are in the kitty bank. You see ours is a kitty instead of a piggy. LOL She was full to bursting could not fit another penny in it and I thought well I can count out the pennies and shoot those for my 365. Which I did. There was a total of £4 in the kitty bank. I did not like my shots of the bank or the pennies. So looked around and thought ah-ha. There is my gerbera plant that has 2 new blooms on it which will have to do for todays shot. All of these were shot in my front room window with my 105mm. Textures added to all of these except the macro shot.

102 Pink Gerbera take 2


102 Pink Gerbera take 2 3

Bright green background is a bush across the road.

102 Pink Gerbera take 2 2

This green is from an pine tree across the road.

102 Pink Gerbera take 2 4

Macro.. used a touch of fill flash here.