Tuesday, 12 April 2011

101/365–Oh Dear!!

Took my camera out on my walk this morning. Found a few things to shoot so shot them. Came home and shot a few frames at home. Total pics taken for the day 50+. AND then I put them on the pc and was not pleased with a single one. The ones taken outside were bad due to the wind. Ones taken at home were just plain downright CRAP! I was going to find something else to shoot at home and try again BUT I have spent majority of my day cleaning. Once I was done with cleaning I did not feel like messing about with the camera. So what is a girl to do but dig in the archives for something for day 1-0-1. These were shot various places and all from last month. So they were taken for my 365 just didn’t make the cut at the time.

101 Egyptian Goose

Egyptian goose…I like this one because of the reflection.

101 Female Mallard

Female mallard… I like this one because the male mallard is out of focus.

101 Male Mallard

Male mallard…. I like this because of the reflection, ripples in the water and the green of his head really stands out.

101 Swan

Juvenile swan… I like this because of the tones.

101 Swan2

Swan… I like this because of the composition.

101 Swans

Juvenile and adult swan… I like this because of the juvenile swan looking at the adult.