Monday, 11 April 2011

100/365–OH I made it

Well I am now 100 days into this project. I have broken the rules along the way since I have used photos from previous days for some of my 365. BUT in my opinion it can’t be helped since I take so many on certain occasions that I have to share what I like or they would sit on the disk drive doing nothing. With that said I am getting out of this project what I wanted to achieve and that is improving my photography AND trying different things. So far a success.

Today I went for a walk around Bedfont Lakes, a local park. This is what I saw today.

100 Mallards Flight

I do wish I had one of those super duper zoom lenses but who can afford those but the pros. Taken with my 105mm. Not the greatest shot but I got to keep practicing these type of shots.

100 Mallards Flight 2

Another try at it. 2 males chasing a female. 105mm

100 Canadian Goose

Canadian goose enjoying the morning. I tried to get low to the water for this. It kind of worked. 105mm

100 Canadian Goose 2

Another goose. 105mm

100 Swan 2

Adult Swan. I liked the ripples in the water on this. 105mm

100 Swan

As you can see this swan is still a juvenile. See the difference in color of the beak and the dark bits on his head. 105mm

100 Reeds

Reeds with reflection. I thought this looked interesting. 105mm

100 Lines

There is an office building on the edge of the park I thought the windows made an interesting pattern. Converted to black and white. 105mm