Wednesday, 6 April 2011

096/365- One shot for 365

Wednesday is usually a rest day for me from walking. This morning decided to go out for a bit of shopping. The camera was left at home. Wasn’t for sure what I was going to shoot for my 365 today. But I bought this Tillandsias (airplants). Thought it was a good enough subject for today. I have also included in this post 2 shots from Kew Gardens on Saturday.

096 Airplant

Tillandsias (Airplants) in window.

Summer Snowflake2

I posted one of these in this post here from one of my walks. In that post I incorrectly identified this as a snowdrop. I shot this particular one at Kew Gardens and today I have identified it as Spring Snowflake or Summer Snowflake. Not sure which.

Summer Snowflake

Portrait of Spring or Summer Snowflake.