Thursday, 7 April 2011

096/365-Oh, I So Love Boats

A beautiful spring morning for a walk along the River Thames. I walked from Twickenham to Richmond once again. Of course you have loads of boats on the Thames to photograph. But, there was one that was different and my absolute favorite one of the morning. Which you will find at the end of this post. Got to make ya wait for it!!

096 Boats of All Sizes

Boats of all shapes and sizes.

096 Sun Sparkle Boats Edit

I wasn’t sure about this shot due to the light but I kinda like the sun sparkle. Below is the uncropped uncloned version.

096 Sun Sparkle Boats

As you can see there was some tree branches that just ruin the shot so had to crop and do a bit of cloning. Which I don’t really like to do.

096 Boats for Hire

Boats being prepared for the day of hiring.


Now for the shot of the day…097 Pretty Boat

Oh, it is such a pretty color. Full of junk it looks like but still a super boat.