Monday, 4 April 2011

094/365–Tulips and a Peacock AGAIN

My tulips from this post are still hanging in there. Their petals are starting to fall off etc but I thought perfect for some macro shots. First up we have the tulip as it is today.

094 Tulip2 

Shot in window. The background is a  house across the street.

094 Tulip1

Once again in the window. Background is the window and other things outside.

094 TulipMacro

A macro of the tulip center. Again it was in the window. The green background is from a tree across the road.

Peacock AGAIN…

I took so many shots of the peacock that I couldn’t resist a sharing a couple more.

094 Peacock

I really like the composition on this one.

094 Peacock side

A shot from the side. I wasn’t sure about cropping this or not. Square crop below.

094 Peacock side crop

I don’t usually crop my photos unless I have too. To get rid of something distracting. I do try to get the composition right in camera. With this I am not sure if the square crop works or not. So shared both cropped and un-cropped.