Saturday, 2 April 2011

092/365–Kew Gardens Birds

The hubs and I spent the afternoon walking around Kew Gardens. Although I did more shooting than walking LOL. I filled my 8GB and ended up having to delete some of the shots to get more shots done. I forgot my spare cards at home. The blooms I shot today will have to wait until tomorrow though. For today I share with you these birds.

092 Goose

Either a Bean or Greylag Goose. He/She was just relaxing on the grass as I walked by. Let me get quite close too.

092 Male Mallard

The ducks were taking a bath I guess. I kept trying to capture them flapping their wings. This didn’t turn out too bad.

092 Female Mallard

Since getting a decent shot of the Male Mallard flapping I tried for the female. This was the best one I got of her.


Now for the SHOTS of the day….

092 PeacockCloseup2

The Kew Garden peacock. Last few times we were at the garden I did not see the peacock at all. Well today I heard him. Told the hubs I was going to find him. So off we went and it wasn’t too long before I crossed his path. At about the same time a car came along and a woman got out and had some food for him. So she started handing out the food to people to feed him. She asked me if I wanted to and I said no just wanted to photograph. In this shot he is waiting for some food.

092 PeacockCloseup

Here too he is waiting for some children to give him more food. After this he walked off and went behind this little fence. I was slightly disappointed that he did not open his tail feathers. I went to find the hubs who was sitting on a bench and said to him how I wished he had opened his feathers. About that time I looked over to where the peacock went and saw him with his feathers open. So off I went and these were the results.. I was so glad I got to photograph him in all his glory.

092 PeacockLeftSide

He really showed off.. here he is right side view…

092 PeacockRightSide

… and left side…as he kept turning around and around…

092 Peacock

.. head on shot…

092 PeacockFeathers

... just the feathers.

092 Peacock Feathers BW

Not sure on this shot. It is the back of the peacock with feathers open. Wasn’t much color so converted it to black and white.

I am running so far behind now with my blog reading and commenting. Will get to your blogs by the end of tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.