Friday, 1 April 2011

091/365 - Pink Tulips

My tulip photo shoot was OK. BUT, I really need to find a portable way to be able to put up different backgrounds. Small spaces call for portable items. LOL. Anyway, shot all of these with window light. Mostly in the window too. My backgrounds just was not working with nothing or no one (usually the hubs) to hold them in place. I had to crank up my ISO to 800 at times too. These were my favorite shots.

091 Pink Tulips 1

The one and only of these 5 that I have added texture to. This was not in the window but across the room from the window.

091 Pink Tulip

Tulip lying on window sill.

091 Pink Tulips 2

Tulips on table in front of window.

091 Pink Tulips 3

Tulips in window for this close up shot.

091 Pink Tulips

Once again tulips in window.