Thursday, 31 March 2011

090/365–Walk in the Park

After a night of rain and a rather cloudy dull start to the day. I still took the camera out with me on this mornings walk. I went through the park and these were what caught my eye today. Of course the sun is slowly coming to life here this afternoon. Which is good as I plan on having a tulip photo session later today and will need window light.

090 Blossoms

The blossoms are slowly going. Very few around now in the park.

090 Snowdrops

Some snowdrops still hanging around but not for much longer. Texture added.

090 White

I am still not sure if this is a magnolia or not.. but I love the bokeh on this. No texture

090 Unknown

No idea what this is.. but it is rather interesting. Texture added.

090 White bloom

Same bloom as the magnolia? above. This just shows the center very well. Texture added.

090 Yellow Flower

Found this hidden amongst some sort of bush. No idea what it is but the color was wonderful. Texture added.

090 Trees

Spring green is so pretty. The trees are coming along nicely.

Now if all goes well with my tulip photo shoot later that will be tomorrows images just done a day earlier. The tulips are look very good today and do not want to wait to get my shots done. OR they may begin to droop.