Wednesday, 30 March 2011

089/365–Pink Tulips Edits

A dark dreary day today. Looks like it wants to rain but so far has not. Decided to purchase some pink tulips at the grocery store. Since the light is so poor today I took just one shot of the tulips. I decided to share 3 versions of the shot. Varying editing done.

089 Tulips my edit

This is my basic editing. RAW processed in Lightroom, white balance, a bit of brightness and some clarity and vibrance.  Then into Photoshop for noise removal, slight curves adjustment and a sharpen. That is always my basic edit to each and every photo. Which is pretty much what I see on the camera.

089 Tulips PSAction

After basic editing I will either play around with some things in Photoshop to see if I can give it a bit more pizazz. OR as I did in this case I will use a Photoshop action. I hadn’t visited the Coffee Shop blog for sometime so went and checked out what was new and downloaded Velvet Cream which I used here. I love the tones.

089 Tulips PSActionWTexture

And what is a shot without a little texture eh!! Here I added this texture of mine.

I think I prefer the middle edit with no texture. Happy Hump Day!!