Tuesday, 29 March 2011

088/365–Change of Plans

IF you read yesterdays post I had mentioned more anemones for today. However, I noticed the anemones were not looking very good late yesterday afternoon. I went ahead and took some shots of them then. This morning I downloaded them to the PC and there was not ONE image I was pleased with. The light was too harsh etc etc. So on went the thinking cap of what to do for todays 365. I picked these little pink blooms that came in a basket I received for my birthday. I cut some of them and put in my little watering can. Shot with window light only. Cloudy rainy light. Textures added.

088 1

Used the TV as the background on this one.

088 2

Window sill…

088 3

…and window sill again.

I need to find more anemones.