Friday, 25 March 2011


Kind of cheating on this 365 again by using shots from other days. Taking today off from the camera. The daffs are not likely to last until Easter since they have bloomed so early. That is a news report anyway. But I have captured plenty of them with my camera. All these taken with my 105mm macro lens.

084 Daffodil 4

Added texture. Shot on a cloudy day.

084 Daffodils 2

Texture added. Shot on a cloudy day.

084 Daffodil 3

No Texture. Shot on a sunny day in the shade. (Yesterday)

084 Daffodil 2

Same as above. When it is sunny look for some shade. Lovely bokeh because of dew on the grass.

084 Daffodils

These were lit by the sun just peaking over a building. The background is another building and I added a bit of texture and masked out the flowers so they would not be textured.

084 Daffodil

The same sunny day (yesterday) as above and in some shade. I love this shot. I do not know why it just makes me feel happy.


Now to go back to these shots from yesterday.

083 Green 083 Green 2

A few people asked how I did these, what lens I used etc. So I thought I would take a bit of time here and write about what I did to get these two shots.

As mentioned these were shot handheld. I used my 105mm macro lens with the VR (vibration reduction) on. The grass was in the shade. I sat down on some steps for a bit of stability. I then switched to manual focus. On the second shot once I got the drop in focus I did switch back to auto focus so if I moved it would keep the drop in focus. Since I was a bit further back on that shot than the first one. I also have my camera set to continuous high speed release mode. Where it will fire of a few shots quickly. This way if I do happen to move at least ONE will come out OK. I do hope I explained that well enough. My camera settings were: First shot; ISO200 / f7.1 / 320sec. Second shot; ISO200 / f5.6 / 320sec.

I would not have been able to achieve these images without my macro lens. It was one of my first lens I purchased. And I love it!!

Have a great weekend.