Tuesday, 22 March 2011

081/365 – Boats and Birds

Once again I had a walk along the river Thames. I walked from Twickenham to Richmond. The weather was cloudy, a bit of mist and no wind. When I set off this morning I was not sure what I was going to shoot today. I did know that I didn’t want to shoot flowers again. Although I did shoot a few that I came across. None in this post though. There were plenty of boats to shoot and a few birds too.

081 Boats 3

Shot at Twickenham by Eel Pie Island.

shot with 105mm

081 Boats

Near Marble Hill House

shot with 28mm

081 Boats 2

Shot at Richmond

shot with 28mm

081 Boat

Somewhere between Twickenham and Richmond

shot with 105mm

081 Boat 2

I have tried several times to get a shot of this boat that the gulls seem to like to perch on. I really like this one.

shot with 105mm

081 Bird

A Great Crested Grebe

shot with 55-200mm at 200mm

081 Heron in Flight

A heron in flight. Shot as I was crossing Richmond Bridge. There were 3 of them flying around.

shot with 105mm

081 Heron

When I got to the other side of the river at Richmond there was a heron there again and he/she allowed me to get quite close. I was snapping away when the sound of my shutter made it look straight at me.

shot with 105mm