Monday, 21 March 2011

080/365 – Blossoms, New Blooms and In My Window

The day started out with an overcast of clouds which really make for great light when shooting flowers. So took my camera along on my walk to see what was in the park. More blossoms for sure.

080 Blossoms

Yep there was some blossoms still around. Added texture.

080 White Magnolia

I believe this to be a magnolia. BUT I could be very wrong. So correct me if I am.

080 Pink Magnolia Bud

080 Pink Magnolia

I believe these two are also magnolias. They had a touch of pink in the petals.

At Home After my Walk

When I got home I decided to get some shots of these hyacinth that were given to me for my birthday. They bloomed so pretty and make the whole room smell wonderful. I keep trying to think of some still life setups for these but mind goes blank. So set them in the window and this is what I got for today. I am hoping they last a few more days.

080 Pink Hyacinth


080 Hyacinth in Window