Friday, 18 March 2011

077/365–More Blossoms

Shot on my walk yesterday. I can’t seem to stop shooting these blossoms that I find everywhere. They are so pretty that I just have to keep shooting and trying for the BEST shot I can get. Sorry if you are getting bored with them. They will be gone soon.

077 Blossoms

No texture added. That is natural background.

077 Blossoms 2

Again no texture

077 Blossoms 3

These blossoms were bigger and from another tree than the above one. No texture

077 Purple Posie 2

OH yes some texture here. 2 to be exact.

077 Purple Posie

This is one of my favorite shots EVER. I had this shot in my mind when I took it and nearly did a happy dance when it turned out the way I wanted it.. that made me happy. No texture.