Wednesday, 16 March 2011

075/365–What’s In Bloom Take 2

Some more shots of what I found on yesterdays walk. No walk today as it is a rest day. Not that I do much resting. I got to get some chores done that is for sure. Not that I want too just that I got too. LOL All of these were shot with my 105mm and no tripod.

075 Blossoms

These blossoms won’t be around much longer. Added texture.

075 Daff

I got down and dirty for this one. Thank goodness no one was around to see me. Added texture.

075 Snowdrops

Quite a few snowdrops still around. I loved the colors of the background on this. Added texture.

075 Flower

Here is that purple flower again. The one I shared in this post. There were a few more around yesterday. This is another shot I got down and dirty for. It still looks like some sort of anemone to me. No texture.

075 Tree Blossoms

Tree blossoms. I used Isabella Lafrance Soulful Comfort Photoshop action on this.

075 Hoverfly

Hoverfly on a Daffodil. Love the colors on this.